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Character Facial Sculpting

Character Facial Sculpting

A 10-week course in which students will learn the anatomy of the head and what makes the portrait tell a story and makes it “alive”
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Learn to sculpt the human face

Learn to sculpt the human face
During this course, students will learn what makes the face look as it does—the underlying structures of the skull, muscles, fat tissue, and other structures such as glands which create and affect the forms of the face. Without a base mesh, but starting from scratch to get a better understanding of all the layers laid on top of each other. Once that knowledge is established, we will go deeper into what makes the portrait alive and tell a story.
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Jul 19, 2023 - Oct 09, 2023
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Oct 02, 2023

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10 weeks


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Individual recordings

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Due each week. Expect to spend 10-20 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and assignments
Intermediate sculpting or drawing knowledge. Course Pre-req: Intro to Production Modeling, Zbrush for Concept & Iteration, and Anatomy for Production
Zbrush, a graphics tablet with a digital pen — no mice allowed :)

The more you know, the better.

Introduction | Going over anatomical references of the skull and neck bones, and explaining the benefits of learning what is “under the hood”
Further examining anatomical references of cartilage, eyes, glands
Adding muscles to the scene, and fat tissue
Building a generic face by laying the skin layer on top of the previously created layers
To get a better understanding of portrait sculpting, one portrait won’t cut it, so we will create a new one.
Retopology of the bust and projecting back the details onto the new topology mesh. Clean topology will enable more efficient detailing, and later posing and expressions.
Final touches and tweaks of the portrait
Polypainting the color map
Sculpting the hair (or fibermesh or xgen)
For this lesson, retopology will have a big impact, as the head will be much easier to pose. Rendering different passes in Zbrush and bringing them into Photoshop for compositing into a final image.

Bringing out the best in talent

Lead Character Artist
LECTURES BY Dmitrij Leppee
Course Start: Oct 02, 2023
Coming from a traditional drawing and graphics background as well as classical animation, Dmitrij, discovered his interest in 3D (ZBrush in particular) 9 years ago, which he pursued on his own. For the majority of his professional career he has worked as a medical illustrator, but never abandoned his love for portraying people, only transferring it to a new medium. He has worked on all kinds of projects; models for print, animation, commercials, movies and games. He currently works as a Lead Character Artist at Digital Dimension.

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Jul 19, 2023 - Oct 09, 2023
COURSE BEGINS on Oct 02, 2023
Character Facial Sculpting

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By going over the fundamentals of the face and each layer that comes on top of it, this course has helped me get a greater understanding of the work methods, shape language, and observation skills for making faces.


Helped gain more confidence when doing a facial sculpt, the knowledge gained from the course decreased the guessing when sculpting and when translating references to 3D


I attended a 3D school before but through this course I learned so much more technical stuff, it really helped that we had such an experienced instructor!


Always available to answer questions thoroughly and in-depth. Seemed to really care about the issues students had. Honest feedback.


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