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Game Art tracks

In order to establish and maintain a career in the Games industry, an artist first needs to have a solid understanding of the field’s core principles, tools & techniques – that’s the idea behind the creation of our tracks. Everything you need while building a skill set to set yourself up for the career goals you have in sight.

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25 courses

3D Character Arts Track

Designed to take students through the entire process of character creation, & developing the skills in their chosen specialist role, such as hard surface modeler, prop artist, texture artist, rigging artist, or creature designer
24 courses

3D Environment Arts Track

This track is designed to provide students with an inroad to the games industry. Students will take on the role of world builder & create a sense of immersion. While refining the 3D content that helps define the aesthetic & gameplay flow.
8 courses

Character TD | Rigging Track

Our in-depth Character TD/Rigging Track takes students through the tools & techniques used by animation, visual effects, & game studios. Students will learn to build rigs for a wide variety of character types, using the latest industry-standard methods.

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