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Animation Foundation 101

Animation Foundation 101

A 10-week course laying and building the foundation of the 12 bedrock principles of animation
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The Importance of Fundamentals

The Importance of Fundamentals
This course is a deep dive into the 12 principles of animation, taking the basic exercises and pushing them to the next level. By the end  of the 10 weeks , students will have a solid understanding of the principles of animation and how to apply them to their own animation projects. They’ll get a better sense of how they can use Maya and its tools, and not letting the software dictate how to animate.They will be able to show animation exercises involving animation fundamentals, simple biped body mechanics, strong and appealing poses,  and a stylized walk cycle. And finally, as the industry and the tools are evolving quickly, we will look into mastering Maya and develop an efficient workflow in order to be production ready , pushing students both artistically and technically.
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Jul 17, 2024 - Oct 07, 2024
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Oct 10, 2024

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10 weeks


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Due each week. Expect to spend 8-10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and time on assignments.
Course: Intro to Animation in Maya
Autodesk Maya, a frame by frame player like quicktime/RV, pen, paper

The more you know, the better.

– Workflow and essentials animation vocabulary – Analyze of different approach on how to block a shot with examples – key poses / breakdown/ inbetween – Timing vs spacing : ease in , ease out – Analyze/ breakdown : vfx shot / cartoon shot
– Rock Solid Robots VS organic fleshy characters – Squash and Stretch – Smear frames – Overlap and Follow Through: Lead / drag / follow through/ settle – How to push the organic : overlappy parts of the body : muscle / fat / flesh/ hair / tail – the importance of simulation in cg animation
– The arcs , the secondary actions and extremes in animation – Arcs – Technical Aspect of dealing with arcs in Maya – IK vs FK Workflow / tracking your arcs / camera view vs perspective view – The Extremes – Anticipation – The importance of Subtlety – the importance of reference – Key pose/ antic/ Breakdown / reaction / keypose – Secondary Actions – Different style means different type of secondary actions
– Animation is about beautiful things with a beautiful motion – Appeal / Exaggeration – Posing , silhouette , line of action ,complexity vs simplicity
– Studying balance in a still pose – Studying balance in motion – How do you deal with balancing weights in your body?
– Constraints and animation layers – Hotkey Setup , Marking menu , and the importance of setting up your workspace . – Bringing your own set of tools, Scripts – The importance of speeding up your workflow
Let’s make things clear : – Weight shift principle and strong drawing skills – In-depth look at full body motion and especially the weight shift – Staging: Basic staging : camera Focal Length, rule of thirds
– Advanced staging: Using film examples to show how to make a clear staging . Insisting on the importance of clarity in animation – The contrast: Contrast is everywhere” in the design, in the animation, in your timing, it makes things interesting, entertaining.
Learning how to walk : – What is a walk? When? Why? How? What does it tell about a character? – Deep dive/ reminder into the mechanics of the walk for a vanilla walk
– Finalizing your animation – Looping your animation: Workflow on how to make sure to loop that walk cycle – The Polish – If you’ve done your job correctly then you don’t see the technology, you just feel the character, the emotion, the life

Unleashing your creativity

Senior Gameplay/Combat Animator
Course Start: Oct 10, 2024
Cris a Senior Gameplay/Combat Animator currently at Opti Games. He has worked at a variety of studios big and small such as, House of Moves, Gungho Online and Wonderstorm having worked on the soon to release Dragon Prince game. He started his career in stereo conversion at Legend3D until landing at Motion Logic Studios, a full service development house for games where he learned all the tricks of the trade. A lover of stylized art, games, anime and animation, dedicated to the path of the craft always continuing to grow. Cris is excited to share his knowledge and experience.

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Jul 17, 2024 - Oct 07, 2024
COURSE BEGINS on Oct 10, 2024
Animation Foundation 101

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I think Andy’s lectures were really outstanding. He clearly explained all of the principles of animation and demonstrated them with clear and appealing examples. Well done!


Great teacher, interesting course with funny touch! Really enjoyed this course


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