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Intro to Asset Creation for Games [Essentials]

Intro to Asset Creation for Games [Essentials]

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Kickstart your career in the Gaming Industry

Kickstart your career in the Gaming Industry

Join Ben Keeling, an industry expert known for his work on Star Wars, Halo, and Suicide Squad, currently serving as Lead Environment Artist at Respawn, for a transformative journey into the world of the gaming industry. Explore the evolution of video games and learn how to create detailed, realistic props for games, beginning with your very own bot.

In this course, you’ll gain a broad perspective of the gaming world, including its history, technology, and market dynamics. This course offers a unique blend of industry knowledge and practical 3D asset creation for games. Start with an exploration of the gaming industry’s past and present, then transition into hands-on learning with 3D asset creation for games.


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Feb 05, 2024 - Jul 05, 2024
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Feb 08, 2024

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Pre-recorded Videos
There are weekly assignments without instructor feedback. Expect to spend 10-15 hrs/wk viewing lectures, recorded Q&A, and time on assignments.
General interest in 3D modeling or Game Design.
Blender (or equivalent)


Kick off the course with an immersive introduction to the gaming industry. Learn about its history, current trends, career paths, and more. | Explore industry history, trends, and future. | Understand the significance of your skills. | Realize the potential impact of your creations in gaming industry.

This week we’ll explore creating a nature-inspired hard surface robot. We’ll start by collecting references and shaping our initial design into a greybox model.

This week is all about the practical aspects of prop modelling. Elevate your skills in high poly modeling, focusing on the robot’s legs. By week’s end, you’ll have a detailed leg design to show off.

Conclude the course by mastering the final stages of the prop modelling process .Continue your high poly journey, this time concentrating on the robot’s head and body. You’ll finish with a fully designed robot, showcasing your growing expertise.

Master Nanite technology for game meshes, starting with a foundational recap. Delve into Texel Density, Nanite Geometry optimization, and essential techniques in Unwrapping, Packing, and Baking. Conclude with a final recap and homework, honing your skills in efficient, high-quality game asset creation.

Enhance your skills in game asset texturing. Dive into Reference Gathering for realistic textures. Learn about Smart Material creation and detailing, followed by a hands-on assignment. Explore the techniques of Handpainting for unique textures. Conclude with a recap and homework, solidifying your texturing expertise.

This Week focuses on the fundamentals of character rigging. Progress to constructing Armatures and Basic Bones. Develop specialized rigs for legs, tendrils, and wings, ensuring versatile movement. Conclude with tidying up your rig, a final recap, and homework, cementing your rigging knowledge.

This is the week where you'll bring your Bot to life. Start with gathering references and brainstorm animation ideas. Learn to create poses using the Action Editor, then block out and finalize a Flying Animation. Perform test renders for your animation, and wrap up with a recap and homework to refine your animation skills.

Final Week, you'll learn how to showcase your work effectively. By setting up basic and complex scenes. Focus on Lighting setup for mood and clarity, followed by test renders and exporting final renders. Enhance your work with Post-Processing techniques. The week concludes with a final homework, polishing your presentation skills for your final portfolio piece.

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Senior Environment Artist
Course Start: Feb 08, 2024
Ben is currently working as a Senior Environment Artist at Rocksteady Studios in London, UK. He has worked on numerous environments on various AAA productions and projects for over 6-years. He's worked on titles such as EA's Need for Speed franchise, Sony's VR worlds with PlayStation VR, and on Halo Wars 2. His work has been featured on the Algorithmic homepage, Polycount, and CryEngine forums.

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